FAV 5! Wisdom To Get You Through The Week

Favorite Five (2)
Welcome to our Fav 5, recommended wisdom to help you crush your entrepreneural goals!

In this post, the elusive artist behind Calvin and Hobbes sheds light on the elusive topic of creativity, Jeff Bullas explains why we need to blog first thing in the morning, Dr. Isaiah Hankel sheds light on why you’re not  getting the respect you think you deserve, Robin Sharma divulges super-secret secrets, and James Altucher explains the power of NO.

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4 Tips On Creativity From The Creator Of Calvin & Hobbes
(Dan Nosowitz via Fast Company)

Why You Should Blog Before Breakfast
(Jeff Bullas)

21 Surprising Ways You Lose Respect At Work
(Dr. Isaiah Hankel)

The Secrets of Uber-Wealthy People
(Robin Sharma)

What Are You Saying NO To?
(James Altucher)

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Is The Instagram HootSuite Partnership Truly The Greatest Thing Ever?

There are lots of great reasons to be on Instagram if you’re running a business.

So when HootSuite and Instagram announced they’d be joining forces earlier this year (August 5, 2015), that was huge news for many reasons:Instagram &

  • Entrepreneurs and marketers can now schedule and plan out their campaigns in advance, on the same dashboard they use to manage their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, saving tons of time.
  • Instagram users have the option to post their content from a real computer, which is often more practical than trying to do everything from a smartphone. Without HootSuite (or something similar), you couldn’t do much with Instagram without a smartphone.
  • Business owners can engage with and monitor their Instagram competition, followers and customers through HootSuite.

Personally, I really like using HootSuite and Instagram together. However, I’ve been trying it out with a couple of my client accounts since it first came out and while I think it’s a big step in the greatness direction, I still feel like there are a few things that leave me wanting more..

If I were boss of the world, here’s what I’d like to see from Insta-Hootie in the near future:

Full Automation – You can’t really “set it and forget it” with Instagram via HootSuite. What happens is that HootSuite will send a notification to your phone when it’s time for your scheduled Instagram post to go public. So you still have to be around (and conscious) to push the post through.

Schedule Comments On Your Own Post – You might be wondering why would anyone want to post a comment on their own post BEFORE it goes live? I will tell you why. Because attaching hashtags to your post is untidy and desperate-looking and every Insta-nerd knows that it’s more stealth to cram 30 hashtags in your comments section where no one really sees them silently working for you.

Filter And Edit In Advance – Again, some of you might be thinking, what’s the big deal? Thing is, once you get a notification from HootSuite, you still have to log into Instagram (and if you’re managing more than one account, make sure you’re in the right one OMG!), then you have to push your post, then you have to paste the written content and add filters and crop and edit if necessary, and THEN post. If you’re doing this several times for different accounts at freaky times of the day, believe me, the pressure can get to you.

Now I totally get that these limitations may very well be designed to  prevent Instagram from getting flooded with marketing spam which all but destroys every social media platform that’s been around for more than a month, but… COME ON! I mean, I get it, but I hate it. But I respect it. But I dislike it. In a good way. It’s complicated.

Regardless, I’m a big fan of Insta-Hootie. I’ll continue to use it and look forward to seeing what advancements they make together in the future.

Need a hand managing your Business Instagram account? Get in touch! – Nishi

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Favorite Five – Recommended Wisdom To Get You Through The Week

Favorite FiveSo this is exciting… I’m starting a new feature on my blog!

It’s called “Favorite Five – Recommended Wisdom to Get You Through the Week.”

I’m going to share new articles, videos, memes, etc. from content creators I believe have something of value to offer the entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers, learners and renegades that typically follow me.

I figure if they’ve helped me out somehow with my business, life and business-life, I should help them help others like me.

Here we go. Have a meaningful week!

– Nishi

1)Like It Or Not, You’re Always Being Evaluated
Facebook post by Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary breaks it down in true Gary fashion: when it comes to your social media presence, you’re always on, and don’t try to game the system.

2) 5 Fake Success Signs You’re Getting Ahead In Life When You’re Not
Blog post by Dr. Isaiah Hankel
Straight hard truth, Isaiah Hankel reveals what it means to be truly successful.

3) 11 Vital Books for First-Time Entrepreneurs
Andrew Medal for Entrepreneur Magazine
Andrew read 197 books between 2011 and 2013. Here are 11 of his picks for new and not-so-new entrepreneurs.

4) Day traders rarely make history
Blog post by Seth Godin
What are you postponing?

5) Dear Entrepreneur Who Has Lost Their Passion
John Addison via Success Magazine
In case you need a boost (and who doesn’t?)

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Why Entrepreneurs Need YouTube

If you’re an entrepreneur and wondering if you should use YouTube to market your business, consider these facts:

YouTube will make it easier for potential clients to find you

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. And placing second isn’t bad considering it only falls behind Google. YouTube also happens to be owned by Google. I know, so creepy.

But more importantly, what this means to you as a business person is that if someone is looking for someone like you, they’re more likely to find you if you’re on YouTube.

YouTube is like Godzilla on steroids

YouTube has a BILLION users. Not just any users, either. They’re real and active and engaged (yes, looking at you, faker Facebook followers, you know who you are), watching hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube every day, generating billions of views.

Furthermore, YouTube shows no signs of relenting. The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month goes up 50% every year. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 

YouTube can get you international business

If your service or product has international appeal, consider this: about 60% of a video creator’s views come from outside of their base country.

World domination.

More YouTube stats are available here.

If you need help getting your YouTube channel up, or producing videos for marketing your business, get in touch with Nishi at Night Day Digital Media!

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We’re at Author Summit!

We are at Author Summit today!

If you’re a self-published author (or thinking of becoming one), come by and be sure to visit our table! I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about using social media to promote your book.

Author Summit 2015 will help YOU on the author-summitpath to publishing and promoting your book(s).

They’ve lined up industry experts and providers for this full-day event to bring you a unique and inspiring day loaded with opportunities to nurture your dream.

Mingle with other writers and authors, network with industry experts, schmooze with your colleagues and get inspired by attending one or even two of their workshops!

See you there!


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How to Use Twitter Like an Entrepreneur

When it comes to Twitter, do your tweets soar like eagles or tank like turkeys?

For all its simplicity, Twitter still seems to mystify a lot of entrepreneurs who want to use it to promote their businesses.HOW to use Twitter

So what separates the excellent tweets from the duds? Amazing content above anything else, but remember these guidelines if you’d like to take your tweeting to the next level:

Think – Take more time to write your tweet than it takes to read your tweet. Choose your words carefully. Be clear. Be concise. Twitter is Haiku.

Tease – Your tweet doesn’t have to tell the whole story. Your tweet’s mission is to get your reader to want more. Your tweet should read like a flashy, attention-grabbing headline.

Link – Once you’ve grabbed your reader’s attention, provide a link to your website or blog or wherever it is they need to go so you can seal the deal. Use an URL-shortener like ow.ly or tinyurl or bit.ly to save on characters (valuable real estate!). Use trackable URLs to go a step further and see how well your tweets are performing.

Brand – Never forget your brand. When you tweet, remember why you are tweeting and who you are tweeting to. Tweet with purpose. Tweet for your desired audience. Concentrate on attracting quality followers, not quantity.

Don’t Sell – Be interesting. Be helpful. Be fun. Keep promotional tweets to less than 20%  (10% if you’re awesome).

Engage – Ask, answer, share, thank, comment, joke and chat. Don’t take the “social” out of “social media.”

Hashtag – Let’s stop making fun of hashtags. When used properly, they really work. Research which hashtags will bring you desired hits. Don’t go overboard: two or three at a time are great.

Looks Matter – We are visual creatures. Attach a photo or graphic  to your tweet and it will stand out.  If you’re lousy at graphic design, Canva supplies amazing templates you can use, often for free!

Length Matters – Twitter gives you 140 characters to play with. Should you use all your characters? Ideally, no. Leave some space for other tweeters to add comments and mentions when they retweet or quote you; it will encourage sharing and conversation.

Timing MattersWhen you tweet is as important as what you tweet. Twitter is “live” in that people usually just spend a few minutes here and there online and catch whatever is on their feed at that moment. So be strategic. Take time zones into account. Know your desired audience and keep track of when you get the most engagement. You may want to use a scheduling app like HootSuite to schedule your tweets.

If tweeting for business still ruffles your feathers, contact me! I can manage your business Twitter accounts for you! Nishi@NightDay.ca

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Protect the Cow: How to Give Great Content Without Giving It ALL Away

It’s no secret to small business owners that offering quality content on blogs, social media and via email is a reliable way to build a fan-base of clients and potential clients.

And now that content is available protect coweverywhere, be it in the form of written articles, podcasts, videos, images etc., it’s become expected that you as an entrepreneur should offer content that is not only amazing… but also free.

But who will buy the proverbial cow if you’re giving away the content for free?

How does an entrepreneur offer value (for free) without sabotaging their own bottom line?

Here’s one way: take the focus completely off of you (whaaaat?!?) and make it all about your target.

Think about it. When it’s all about them, you really have nothing to lose.

For instance, if your business creates websites and your target niche is entrepreneurial women who run businesses from their homes so they can stay close to their young families, you can create content that covers topics like: time management tips for women building businesses after starting families, advice on the importance of finding work-life balance, how to maintain health and nutrition regimes while running a business, particular challenges and advantages that women entrepreneurs face, resources for freelancers, etc.

After you’ve entertained and educated your audience, include a call to action to contact you for business.

You don’t touch the cow. In fact… Cow? What cow?

Taking the focus off your own product or service and putting it all on your potential client is kind of honorable in a way, and comes off as less salesy. All the while, it still attracts, engages and qualifies your target audience for you.

And now… here comes my call to action ;)

Need help coming up with or creating your content? Contact Nishi at Nishi@NightDay.ca today!

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