How (Some) Social Media Marketing Agencies Try to Screw You

If you are an entrepreneur whose business has reached a point where it makes sense to outsource your social media marketing, congratulations!

Delegating your business’s social media marketing is a wise decision if you need to free up some of your own time, or if you would rather someone with more expertise in the area takes over.Screw for Insta

But before you hand things over to a Marketing Agency, or a Media Company, or a Public Relations Agency, or a Social Media Ninja Dojo or whatever they might call themselves, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

It is the job of your agency to manage your expectations. What I mean is, not only should they deliver what they promise, but they should be promising to deliver things that matter. So how do you know if an agency has your company’s best interests at heart? Here are a few red flags to watch out for:

They guarantee “likes” and “followers.”

If an agency GUARANTEES they are going to get you a certain number of likes or followers, my spidey sense tells me they’re simply going to take a portion of the fees you pay them and purchase fake followers.

What’s so bad about that, you wonder? Having legions of un-engaged, fake followers not only doesn’t help your business, but it can actually do your social media presence more harm than good. On Facebook, for instance, having a high number of followers on an otherwise inactive page will HURT your reach.

They guarantee you’ll “go viral.”

Having a video or image or post go viral doesn’t just happen every day. Sometimes a video is dormant on YouTube for years, for example, and then one day an influencer or celebrity will discover it and BOOM you’re viral all of a sudden.

But more importantly, if an agency is obsessed with getting things to go viral, it’s a warning sign that their head isn’t in the right place. You shouldn’t worry too much about going viral. Going viral is nice, but reaching the right audience, no matter how small, is more important. We hear about videos and images going viral all the time but do they change ideas? Do they sell product? Do they achieve the mission they set out to achieve? Do they even have a mission?

I have the perfect formula for making a video go viral. Here it is: Kittens plus Kardashians. I’m pretty sure a cute kitten video with a popular celebrity will go viral but will it sell your service? Will it raise your credibility? Will it attract the audience that will help you grow your business?

Bottom line, if your agency doesn’t tell you that it’s more important that your message reach the correct target market, as opposed to reaching the bored masses, then they don’t understand the first thing about branding and marketing and they shouldn’t be handling your business.

They bill by time

Traditional PR and marketing agencies bill by the hour, just like lawyers! Some agencies (not all of them) still operate this way.

That means every phone call, every meme design, every post, every response to a client on Instagram racks up minutes on your bill. Yes, you can put a cap on this time. But that’s not the point.

The point is that instead of being task -focused, your agency is simply clocking minutes. If you call them on this, they will likely tell you they will get a Junior Marketing Associate, or PR Coordinator, or Ninja Minion to handle the less strategic aspects of your social media campaign, such as physically uploading images and pre-approved written captions to Instagram.

Make sure you know exactly which tasks are being delegated to whom. Many companies – even huge ones with tons of money for marketing – have been torn apart on social media just because someone less than qualified said the wrong thing to the wrong irate customer on Twitter or Facebook.

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What To Do BEFORE You Launch Your Business On Social Media

I love hearing from entrepreneurs who are eager to launch social media campaigns for their businesses.

“Get me on Facebook.”

“I want to be a YouTube sensation.”

“My company should be dominating Instagram.”

What To Do BEFORE YOU LAUNCH Your Business On Social Media

They just want to get started. Like… now. Yesterday, even.

And while it’s hard to say “hold on a minute” when faced with such great enthusiasm, it is really critical to pause and make sure a business has proper direction before taking any first steps towards social media marketing.

After all, I hate watching business owners waste time and resources. Most of all, I hate watching their enthusiasm go down the drain, just because they didn’t plan properly.

Here are some important questions business owners need to ask themselves BEFORE they dive into a social media marketing initiative:

1) What’s your goal?

I know it looks like people are just hanging out on social media and then *poof* magic happens, but if you’re a business, you have to be very deliberate about what you’re doing.

You need to have a goal for your social media campaign. Ideally, the goal should be simple: like, growing your email list, or directing traffic to your website or blog or sales page.

2) Who is your target?

Who are you trying to reach? Most entrepreneurs will say they are using social media to reach buyers. But you might also be trying to engage referral partners who could help you grow your business, or industry experts who might blog about your product and help spread the word about it.

Whoever they are, you need to know as much as you can about them. Know their demographics (age, gender, marital status, income, education level, occupation, geographical location, ethnicity, etc.) and their psychographics (lifestyle, interests, hobbies, values, attitudes, behaviours, etc.).

You can’t find them if you don’t know who they are. And don’t say you’re looking for everyone! Trying to be everything to everyone will get you nowhere on social media. Be specific with your target. Strive for quality over quantity.

3) Where are these people on social media?

Where is your target market? There are lots of platforms to choose from (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn…), but you don’t have to be everywhere. Just show up where your presence is needed most.

4) What can you create for them?

What type of content will help you reach your goal, appeal to your target market, and be effective on the platform you have chosen? Again, lots to choose from (blogs, videos, images…), but choose according to your talents and what works best in the eyes of your target.

If you can answer these 4 questions with confidence, you’re ready to launch a social media marketing campaign.

If you struggle with the last two questions, a marketer or a social media strategist like myself can help you.

But if you’re struggling with the first two questions, you need to give your brand and business model some serious thought. It’s tougher than it sounds. You might even consider getting a business advisor (I highly recommend Tony Aziz at Vantage Business Leadership).

Let me know if I can give you a hand with coming up with and executing a social media strategy for your business! You can also subscribe to my free e-blast.

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FAV 5 Articles for Entrepreneurs (November 9, 2015)

Copy of Favorite Five

Welcome to our Fav 5, recommended articles to help you annihilate your business goals!

This week, Isaiah Hankel shows you how to guard your most precious asset, Robin Sharma outlines a great life in 60 bullets, Oliver Emberton breaks down entrepreneurship, Joshua Becker explains why it’s NOT okay that “busy” has become the new “fine” and how to fix it, and Sarah Dawley breaks out a beginner’s guide to marketing on Instagram.

Have a meaningful week!


5 Fast Ways To Protect Your Mental Energy
(Dr. Isaiah Hankel via Entrepreneur)

60 Tips for a Stunningly Great Life
(Robin Sharma)

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur
(Oliver Emberton)

A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy
(Joshua Becker via Becoming Minimalist)

How to Get More Instagram Followers: The Ultimate Guide (Sarah Dawley via HootSuite)

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“No School Like Old School” Social Media Marketing

As entrepreneurs, it’s important that we keep up with marketing trends in social media.

But it’s also important to remember, particularly if you’re old enough to remember owning a phone that doesn’t take pictures, that when it comes to social media marketing, there’s no school like the old school.Old School Twitter

If you’re an old school entrepreneur, you’ve got an unexpected edge when it comes to promoting your business on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Here are a few reasons why:

You know your market.

New school marketers have a death grip on the technology. But old school marketers know that it’s more important that they know their audience. All the Facebooking and pinning on Pinterest isn’t worth a Solid Gold Dancer if you don’t have content that appeals to your market. You can only create content that lights a fire under the right audience if you understand that audience on a deep level.

You know that real relationships take time.

There’s a prevalent misconception that the immediacy of social media translates to an immediacy in closing a sale. Not true.

When it comes to business relationships, you have to have patience. Back in the day, networking events, golf games, and coffee meetups weren’t considered a waste of time if you didn’t walk out with a closed deal. It was understood that these were stepping stones to real relationships that would lead to business down the road.

Using the same logic, you can’t expect to make a sale the first time someone likes your blog post or follows you on Facebook. You need to engage, you need to find common ground, you need to appreciate one another and you need to help each other. And this takes time.

You know the value of a face-to-face.

Connecting online through social media with your potential customer or referral partner is just the beginning. You know from experience that nothing beats getting to know someone face-to-face.  Do your personalities click? Can you trust this person? What does their body language tell you? You value meeting people in person (or at least on Skype!) and having meaningful conversations with like-minded people, and for good reason.

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FAV 5! Wisdom To Get You Through The Week (Oct 25, 2015 edition)

Favorite FiveWelcome to our Fav 5, recommended wisdom to help you obliterate your entrepreneural goals!

In this post, Jenn Sutherland-Miller explains why the rules of work-life balance don’t apply to all of us, Gary Vaynerchuk enlightens the over-40 crowd on why it’s not too late for them to build their dream businesses, Dale Partridge makes you question if you’re a real entrepreneur or a glorified freelancer (this one got me kind of riled up), Jordan Fried reveals some commonalities of the millionaire mindset, and Seth Godin stands up for greatness.

Have an epic week!


F*ck Work-Life Balance
(Jenn Sutherland-Miller)

6 mins for the next 60 years of your life! Why entrepreneurs over 40 years old have to act now!!
(Gary Vaynerchuk)

3 Signs You’re A Fake Entrepreneur
(Dale Partridge, StartupCamp)

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Why Introverted Entrepreneurs Are Great At Social Media

If you’re an introverted entrepreneur, you may sometimes feel like a misfit in the world of business.Why Introverts

Especially since the usual roles that an entrepreneur plays day-to-day (marketer, salesperson, leader, networker) tend to be more commonly attributed to extroverts, not so much introverts.

After all, extroverts tend to be more outgoing, outspoken, demonstrative and expressive. Introverts are those quiet weirdos who stay near the buffet table at parties.

But wait, don’t dismiss yourselves yet, you quiet weirdos. Introverts have many desirable qualities that give them an edge, particularly when it comes to marketing their businesses on social media.

Here are a few reasons why introverted business owners make great social media marketers:

1. Introverts are great at making one-to-one connections.

While introverts tend to be kind of lousy at loud parties and large social events, they are actually very good at making deep, meaningful one-to-one connections. Introverts value having a close inner circle of serious friends over a huge following of fair-weather friends.

In social media, there’s a tendency to be fixated on how many followers we can rake in, when really all that matter is how many meaningful and worthwhile connections you’re making. In other words, who cares if you have legions upon legions of faceless followers? The question is, are they the right followers? Are they contacts that will love your work, buy your service and refer you to others? Bottom line, introverts understand that it’s important to zero in on their target audience. They understand that when it comes to relationships, depth is more important than breadth.

2. Introverts need less validation from others.

Introverts don’t require as much approval from other people, which is why they tend to do their own thing. This is also why many of them get labelled as anti-social. Ironically, being anti-social actually helps introverts excel at social media because there are times, especially in the beginning, when it feels like no one is paying any attention to you on social media. It can get lonely out there, and introverts handle solitude much better than extroverts.

It’s also a clever marketing strategy to stand out and have your own unique voice on social media. So being in the habit of not fitting in becomes a bonus when you’re cutting through the noise.

3. Introverts are great listeners.

Introverts tend to say less and listen more. As important as it is to have a compelling message on social media, you also need to be a great listener. What responses are you getting? What messages resonate with your audience? Are you attracting the audience you want? Paying attention, as opposed to always trying to be the center of attention, is a vital superpower when you’re marketing your business on social media.

4. Introverts are easily bored and distracted.

Don’t ever talk about the weather with an introvert. It’s not that they’re impolite it’s just that they don’t have the attention span for mundane things.

Social media is a constantly shifting landscape. It can be downright unpredictable. Introverts dig this. There’s no chance to get bored! There’s always something new happening.

5. Introverts are great writers.

Not surprisingly, many introverts become writers. Writing is lonely, stressful, obsessive, painful work… what could be more introverted?!

Bottom line, great writing is the backbone of great content and great content is the foundation for any successful social media marketing campaign.

Whether you’re writing blogs, writing scripts for your YouTube videos, writing  headlines, writing tweets, writing questions for your podcast… it all starts with great writing.

So power on, introverts! You might not have the same social media marketing approach as an extroverted entrepreneur, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Need to hire an introvert to ghostwrite your content or manage your social media presence or email newsletter? Get in touch!

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FAV 5! Wisdom To Get You Through The Week

Favorite Five (2)
Welcome to our Fav 5, recommended wisdom to help you crush your entrepreneural goals!

In this post, the elusive artist behind Calvin and Hobbes sheds light on the elusive topic of creativity, Jeff Bullas explains why we need to blog first thing in the morning, Dr. Isaiah Hankel sheds light on why you’re not  getting the respect you think you deserve, Robin Sharma divulges super-secret secrets, and James Altucher explains the power of NO.

Later alligator,


4 Tips On Creativity From The Creator Of Calvin & Hobbes
(Dan Nosowitz via Fast Company)

Why You Should Blog Before Breakfast
(Jeff Bullas)

21 Surprising Ways You Lose Respect At Work
(Dr. Isaiah Hankel)

The Secrets of Uber-Wealthy People
(Robin Sharma)

What Are You Saying NO To?
(James Altucher)

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