Tape Transfers

Don’t let those old home movies gather dust and wither away. Old tapes deteriorate with time, and you may no longer have the playback equipment you need to appreciate them. We can transfer and preserve your precious memories onto DVD if they’re on any of the following formats:

* Video 8
* Analog 8 mm
* Mini DV
* Audio analog cassette
* 35 mm slides
* 35 mm photo negatives

5 Responses to Tape Transfers

  1. Rob Lines says:

    I just left you a vm before I saw this. What do you charge for VHS to DVD transfer? And what would be the charge for multiple copies? 400? Just kidding …. depending on the cost I would probably want 3 or 4. And would I be able to make my own copies on an iMAC from one of the copies that you do if I need more?


    • Nishi says:

      $400? LOL! VHS to DVD transfer is $25 + HST assuming it fits on one disc (2 hours or less). Copies are $5 per piece after that. The DVDs are copy-able. These are my 2013 rates (subject to change although I don’t know when) :)
      – Nishi

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for the quick response. Sounds good. VHS is about 1:25 so that should work. And 2 extra copies would be great. When can I bring the VHS to you and any idea how long it would take?


  3. Rob Lines says:

    Thanks Nishi. I’ll give you a call later this afternoon.

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