Videos We’ve Produced

Marketing video for a travel agency. Cost-effective “talking head” studio shoot incorporating stock footage, animation and music.

Promotional piece for a book launch. Our goal was to create a moving yet informative video that would attract viewers who could get excited about the book on an emotional and philosophical level. Again, we incorporated stock footage and music for a polished look.

Demonstration video. This step-by step guide was included with our client’s product (a convertible dress), thus improving her customers’ ┬ápurchasing experience. She also used the videos as part of an eye-catching demonstration at trade shows. This was shot on location at the client’s shop.

Promotional piece for a human resources specialist, outlining her services and specialties… in French! Yes, we work in French as well! This was shot on location in the client’s boardroom.

Event Video for a fashion show, doll launch, book launch, and celebrity birthday

Event video for a DVD launch (warning, this one is a little racy!)

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