Explaining Social Media With (Too Many?) Donuts

You’ve likely seen the “Social Media Explained With Donuts”  chart that’s been circulating around the web lately.

It’s Funny ’cause it’s True

Jokes aside, this gag is more than just hilarious. It also points out that there are a LOT of social media venues for you to explore. So many, that it can be very overwhelming. As a social media coach, I get a lot of new clients who are terrified of the prospect of having to familiarize themselves with so many social media outlets for business, and once they do (if they do), how on Earth are they going to have enough time to maintain all of their social media accounts?

What I advise is this: you do NOT have to work every angle when it comes to social media. Specialize in a couple (or even just one); focus on what feels natural to you, what fits your business, and what helps you reach your intended audience.  That’s it. For example, LinkedIn tends to appeal to more corporate types. Are you trying to attract more corporate types? If you are, get on LinkedIn.

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P.S. Unfortunately, I don’t know who originally created the brilliant “Social Media Explained With Donuts” image but if someone out there does, please educate me so I can credit them properly.

P.P.S. Anyone else craving Tim Horton’s now?

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4 Responses to Explaining Social Media With (Too Many?) Donuts

  1. Moriah Bacus says:

    Great points regarding specializing in the social media channels that feel right for you or your business, Nishi!

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