Blog Clog? 5 Ways to Unlock Writer’s Block

Blogging for business is a great way to get noticed but sometimes coming up with original content week after week can be difficult. Here are a few tips to combat writer’s block if (and when) it rears its ugly head:

1.Write what you know. Yawn. Not exactly revolutionary. But what might surprise you is #2. (Keep reading!)Portrait of a male tabby cat

2. Start by writing a list. Five Reasons Star Wars is Better Than Star Trek. Six Disgusting Cupcake Flavours. Seven Reasons Robert Downey Junior Should Run For President of the United States. Lists are short, punchy and pique readers’ interests. They also pretty much write themselves. Start with a cute list, add an introduction, a closing statement, a photo and a smart-ass title and voila! You’re done!
3. Hang out at the water-cooler.
Okay, bloggers don’t usually have water-coolers to jibber jabber about hot trends, what’s in, and what’s out. Instead, they have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos and various social media. Stay on top of what’s newsworthy and trendy and you’ll have constant fodder for your blog. Plus, as an added bonus, your blog will likely come up in searches if what you discuss is topical. So what’s everyone talking about right now? The Hunger Games? Draw Something? Tupac? Game of Thrones? Be a part of the conversation!

4. Get out of here. Sometimes, you just need to take a walk or water the plants or something to clear your head. Sitting at the keyboard and beating yourself up for hours isn’t going to accomplish anything. Go feed your cat.

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3 Responses to Blog Clog? 5 Ways to Unlock Writer’s Block

  1. planetheart says:

    You come up with the best titles! Blog Clog, good one – and great advice. Thanks, froma novice.

  2. Nishi says:

    You’re most welcome! Thanks for reading!

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