3 Ways to Get More Video Views

Marketing your product or service with a web video is a cost-effective way to get your message out there. That is, if you can get people to watch your video. Here are three ways to get your video more views:

1. Support your video with a social media push
Don’t just assume your video is going to attract clicks! Get on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and share your video with your social network. Assuming, of course, you’ve done the work to build a social network: it’s a good idea to have one in place before you launch a video marketing campaign, just to get things started.

Video is a cost-effective marketing tool

2. Look good
Strive to produce a quality video: one that looks good and sounds good. Think about what you want to say and prepare a tight, informative script. Rehearse. Think about what you’re going to wear and the image you want to convey. Pay attention to lighting, invest in a decent camera and microphone, do a little editing, get some titles and music in there.  Above all, do not neglect audio quality: watching a video that is hard to listen to will frustrate and tune people out. Consider hiring a professional (like me!) to shoot your corporate video.

3. Advise, don’t advertise
Who in their right mind is going to voluntarily click and watch through an online advertisement? These days, we are all hard-wired to avoid advertisements. When planning your marketing video, think of what you have to offer the viewer. The viewer is thinking: “What’s in it for me? Will I get some useful tips? Will I learn something new? Will I see something amazing, cute or hilarious?”

Still need more reasons to incorporate web videos to your marketing strategy? Check out 6 Reasons Your Site Needs Video.

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2 Responses to 3 Ways to Get More Video Views

  1. adventourus says:

    More great info, Nishi! I can’t wait to set up ADVENTOURUS Active Vacations TV with Night Day Productions!

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