Get an Awesome Head Shot! (Promotion)


Get noticed. Get Business.
Get an awesome Head Shot.

If you’re a professional, you need a professional head shot.
A great head shot has tons of uses:

* as a profile photo on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
* on your website, newsletter and blog
* on your business card and marketing materials

We can conveniently set up a photo studio
in your boardroom/office, so you don’t have to
spare too much of your busy workday.

If there are several people at your
organization who would like professional
headshots, consider organizing a
HEADSHOT MARATHON (of 5 or more heads)
and enjoy a group discount!

Contact Nishi at NIGHT DAY PRODUCTIONS for info:
416.821.8669 | |

About Nishi

Blogger, Ghost Writer, Business Owner, Mom, Coffee Addict, Insomniac, Runner, Bad Swimmer, Aspiring Novelist
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