Social Media Classes for Business Owners!

Hi there!

I have exciting news! As you may know, I’ve been offering social media one-on-one training for about 3 years now. But starting in just a couple of weeks, I will be teaching classes! This 5-part course will cover the basics of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging on WordPress and is geared towards small business owners who:English: Aquamarine pencil

  • are beginners when it comes to social media
  • don’t have the budget to hire an agency or social media manager to handle their social media for them; so they would rather learn how to manage it themselves
  • don’t have the time to figure it all out for themselves; so they’d rather get a crash course and be fed all the basics

You can find out more about the Social Media 101 classes here and how to register for the upcoming session(s) here. Class sizes are small (yay!) so register early before we run out of space!

See you in the classroom!
– Nishi

About Nishi

Blogger, Ghost Writer, Business Owner, Mom, Coffee Addict, Insomniac, Runner, Bad Swimmer, Aspiring Novelist
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