7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Facebook Page (not a Profile)

If you’re thinking of using Facebook to promote your business, you should be thinking of setting up a Facebook Page, that operates separately from your personal Profile. Here are 7 reasons to create a Facebook Page for your business:To-have-friends-be-a-friend

1) Because you have to. It’s a Facebook rule. You can’t blatantly use a Profile to represent a business without violating Facebook’s Terms of Service, and you can risk having your account shut down. This is reason enough to create a Page for your business, but there are other perks as well! Keep reading…

2) They may “like” you, but that doesn’t mean they want to be friends. With a profile, you connect by inviting someone to be a “friend” and then they have to accept your friendship. They then get access to your personal profile information and you get access to theirs. This might be closer than you want to get with a business contact. And this accelerated super closeness might stand in the way of people connecting with you on Facebook all together. With Pages, on the other hand, anyone can “like” your page and they’ll see your posts (unless you get filtered out of their stream, but that’s a whole other article) without you having to give them access to your personal information and vice versa.

3) Create a convenient stream for content. You can “like” other pages as your Page (instead of as your personal Profile) and when you check out your Page’s incoming feed… voila! All your industry news and shareable third party content is all in one tidy place. What could be more convenient?

4) Insights are cool. Facebook makes graphs for you so you can study your Page’s effectiveness: likes, reach, demographics of your followers, popularity of your posts… it’s really great feedback that you can only get with a Page. (Alas! Insights not available for Profiles.)

5) Multiple Admins. Facebook allows you to assign multiple Administrators to your business Page (but not to a Profile). This can be very convenient: for instance, you may want to grant your marketing agency or social media manager admin status so that they can jump on your business Page to help you run things when things get busy.

6) World Domination. With a personal Profile, you’re only allowed 5,000 friends. With a Page… sky’s the limit. Enough said.

7) It looks professional. Having a Page to represent your business has become a Facebook convention, and if you’re running your business with a Profile, it looks a little ol’ timey.

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One Response to 7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Facebook Page (not a Profile)

  1. Always good advice. I’ll be making a facebook page soon enough.

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