When is the BEST Time to Post on Facebook?

If you’re posting on Facebook for your small business, then you’ve undoubtedly wondered, “When is the best time of day to post my incredibly valuable content on Facebook?”clock hanging

And if you’ve wondered this, you’ve probably Googled this question and done some investigating on the subject already.

And if you’ve done some research, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the information out there is inconclusive and contradictory.


Because – brace yourself – it’s a question that doesn’t have a single answer. But fret not. You only care about one answer: that is, the answer to the question, “When are YOUR fans on Facebook?” Not when are some researcher’s fans on Facebook, or when the universe is on Facebook, but when are YOUR fans on Facebook?

So how do we find out the answer to this magnificent question? It’s so easy. And it’s free. Here you go, step-by-step:

1) Log into Facebook
2) Click on your business page’s Insights
3) Click on Posts
4) Click on When Your Fans Are Online
5) Voila – a graph of your fans’ online activity spanning a recent week. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Keep in mind that this is a recent week’s activity so you want to monitor this graph every now and then and watch for variation. Your fans’ activity may be different over Spring Break, for instance.

Your graph will most definitely be different from other people’s graphs. Remember, all you care about is YOUR graph. All you care about are YOUR fans!

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5 Responses to When is the BEST Time to Post on Facebook?

  1. Thank you Nishi, this was very helpful.
    It turns out Sundays are not the best time for my audience.

  2. Teena Lyons says:

    This is a great post! It’s so important to make good posts for social media and produce them at the best possible time so that a lot of people see. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kibramoa says:

    Good information, as always. Thanks.

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