Protect the Cow: How to Give Great Content Without Giving It ALL Away

It’s no secret to small business owners that offering quality content on blogs, social media and via email is a reliable way to build a fan-base of clients and potential clients.

And now that content is available protect coweverywhere, be it in the form of written articles, podcasts, videos, images etc., it’s become expected that you as an entrepreneur should offer content that is not only amazing… but also free.

But who will buy the proverbial cow if you’re giving away the content for free?

How does an entrepreneur offer value (for free) without sabotaging their own bottom line?

Here’s one way: take the focus completely off of you (whaaaat?!?) and make it all about your target.

Think about it. When it’s all about them, you really have nothing to lose.

For instance, if your business creates websites and your target niche is entrepreneurial women who run businesses from their homes so they can stay close to their young families, you can create content that covers topics like: time management tips for women building businesses after starting families, advice on the importance of finding work-life balance, how to maintain health and nutrition regimes while running a business, particular challenges and advantages that women entrepreneurs face, resources for freelancers, etc.

After you’ve entertained and educated your audience, include a call to action to contact you for business.

You don’t touch the cow. In fact… Cow? What cow?

Taking the focus off your own product or service and putting it all on your potential client is kind of honorable in a way, and comes off as less salesy. All the while, it still attracts, engages and qualifies your target audience for you.

And now… here comes my call to action 😉

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2 Responses to Protect the Cow: How to Give Great Content Without Giving It ALL Away

  1. Iva says:

    I read your posts often and I like them a lot. But I must say this one made me cringe a little. If I’m, say, a web designer, writing advice about time management, health and nutrition regimes, life balance, etc. is clearly out of my expertise. I wouldn’t be so thrilled reading a post by a yoga instructor writing about how to build a web page for fitness studios (just an example).

    • Nishi says:

      Thanks for your comment, Iva! If you’re an experienced Yoga instructor and your target is other yoga instructors seeking advice on how to run a yoga enterprise, then you would have insight on how to set up a yoga business website – why wouldn’t you? Sometimes we take for granted how much knowledge we actually have. If credibility is still an issue, you can always invite guest bloggers.

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