Is The Instagram HootSuite Partnership Truly The Greatest Thing Ever?

There are lots of great reasons to be on Instagram if you’re running a business.

So when HootSuite and Instagram announced they’d be joining forces earlier this year (August 5, 2015), that was huge news for many reasons:Instagram &

  • Entrepreneurs and marketers can now schedule and plan out their campaigns in advance, on the same dashboard they use to manage their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, saving tons of time.
  • Instagram users have the option to post their content from a real computer, which is often more practical than trying to do everything from a smartphone. Without HootSuite (or something similar), you couldn’t do much with Instagram without a smartphone.
  • Business owners can engage with and monitor their Instagram competition, followers and customers through HootSuite.

Personally, I really like using HootSuite and Instagram together. However, I’ve been trying it out with a couple of my client accounts since it first came out and while I think it’s a big step in the greatness direction, I still feel like there are a few things that leave me wanting more..

If I were boss of the world, here’s what I’d like to see from Insta-Hootie in the near future:

Full Automation – You can’t really “set it and forget it” with Instagram via HootSuite. What happens is that HootSuite will send a notification to your phone when it’s time for your scheduled Instagram post to go public. So you still have to be around (and conscious) to push the post through.

Schedule Comments On Your Own Post – You might be wondering why would anyone want to post a comment on their own post BEFORE it goes live? I will tell you why. Because attaching hashtags to your post is untidy and desperate-looking and every Insta-nerd knows that it’s more stealth to cram 30 hashtags in your comments section where no one really sees them silently working for you.

Filter And Edit In Advance – Again, some of you might be thinking, what’s the big deal? Thing is, once you get a notification from HootSuite, you still have to log into Instagram (and if you’re managing more than one account, make sure you’re in the right one OMG!), then you have to push your post, then you have to paste the written content and add filters and crop and edit if necessary, and THEN post. If you’re doing this several times for different accounts at freaky times of the day, believe me, the pressure can get to you.

Now I totally get that these limitations may very well be designed to  prevent Instagram from getting flooded with marketing spam which all but destroys every social media platform that’s been around for more than a month, but… COME ON! I mean, I get it, but I hate it. But I respect it. But I dislike it. In a good way. It’s complicated.

Regardless, I’m a big fan of Insta-Hootie. I’ll continue to use it and look forward to seeing what advancements they make together in the future.

Need a hand managing your Business Instagram account? Get in touch! – Nishi

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