FAV 5 Recommended Reading For Smart Entrepreneurs (November 8, 2016)

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to our FAV 5… recommended reading/watching to help you obliterate your business goals!


Plenty of Room On The Island
Seth Godin

Type-A Personality Pitfalls To Avoid [VIDEO]
Dr. Isaiah Hankel

What Disruption Really Means
Tony Robbins

The Zero Drama Life Method [VIDEO]
Robin Sharma

5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change [VIDEO]
Jim Hemerling – TED Talk

Be amazing!



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6 Responses to FAV 5 Recommended Reading For Smart Entrepreneurs (November 8, 2016)

  1. You had me at “zero drama”. 🙂 Your fav 5 for business are my favorites of the week. What’s better than Tony Robbins AND Robin Sharma in one post? Always great content for entrepreneurs here!

  2. Seth Godin makes a point – there’s plenty of room for everyone to play in the entrepreneurial game. The Fav 5 are always a welcome addition to my inbox!

  3. Another excellent Fav 5! Thank you for Robbins’ Disruption article. It was perfectly timed as I embark on a new entrepreneurial path. Focusing on the needs of the client, or on the recognition of co-workers, being open to ideas from those around you are things that sadly, are sometimes too easy to lose sight of as we’re building our futures.

  4. Gary Dashney says:

    Good list again Nishi. Robin Sharma’s Zero Drama Life Method in particular. Reminded me of a comment by Jim Rohn, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

  5. The Tim Robbins article about Disruption particularly resonated with me. I’ve bookmarked that one in particular. Your Top 5 continues to rock!

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