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How to Identify Your Target Market Using Social Media

Identifying your target audience can be tricky business. As a business owner, if you don’t have your target audience locked down, you risk wasting valuable time and resources marketing ineffectively to people who might not benefit from your product or … Continue reading

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The Secret to Creating Great Content

It’s no big secret that the future of online marketing lies in creating great content. Content is just a buzzword for “information”, and in the context of online marketing, that could come in the form of a blog, a tweet, … Continue reading

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What My Kid’s Kindergarten Class Taught Me About Social Media Marketing

It all happened so fast. It started out as an average weekday, and I was dropping off my son at school. We were running a little late, so the teacher, Mrs. T was already getting all the kids to sit … Continue reading

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5 Types of Blog Posts That Will Grow Your Audience

If you are an entrepreneur who has been business blogging for a while, it can become a challenge to keep things fresh and exciting. It can start to get less fun. But blogging with consistency is crucial if you want … Continue reading

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What Comes First? Branding Or Social Media?

Pop quiz… When it comes to your business, does social media build your brand, or does your brand shape your social media presence? What comes first? Branding or social media? Chicken or egg? The answer to either question is simple … Continue reading

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Why Photographers Need to Stop Worrying About That Beckham Kid

Mega label Burberry recently announced that they are delegating a prestigious and much sought-after photography assignment to a 16-year old kid. But not just any kid. Brooklyn Beckham is the privileged offspring of none other than soccer legend David Beckham … Continue reading

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FAV 5! Wisdom To Get You Through The Week (Oct 25, 2015 edition)

Welcome to our Fav 5, recommended wisdom to help you obliterate your entrepreneural goals! In this post, Jenn Sutherland-Miller explains why the rules of work-life balance don’t apply to all of us, Gary Vaynerchuk enlightens the over-40 crowd on why … Continue reading

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