Vlog Creation

BIG NEWS! We’re now in pre-production of an exciting VLOG series. It will be all about how to Vlog to market your business, and you’ll be able to tune in for FREE. So stay in touch, because you don’t want to miss this!

WHAT is a Vlog? Video + Blog = Vlog

The definition of “Vlog” has become quite broad. But for our purposes, we define Vlogs as short, concise videos that have the potential to educate, entertain, and excite! They can also market your business to a captive audience.

What can Night Day Productions do for you?

We can offer a wide range of services to create your Vlog series from start to finish:


  • Script creation and/or script consultation


  • Studio or on-location shooting
  • HD cameras and camera operators
  • Required lighting, external microphones, green screen, etc.


  • Digital edit, incorporating titling, animation (2D and 3D available), transitions, cutaways to photos, graphics, slides, additional video, stock footage, etc.
  • Final output of edited high quality video files, appropriate for upload to web
  • Creation and maintenance of a YouTube channel
  • Creation and maintenance of Facebook and Twitter accounts (consultation also available)
  • DVD authoring and production for resale


To maximize the potential of your Vlog, we recommend you jump on the social media bandwagon. If you’re a little unsure of where to start, we offer Social Media Coaching, where we focus on the Big Three (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as YouTube and WordPress (blog and website). Ideal for beginners. Also for those who just have a bunch of questions.

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